I Need to Get Back in Shape

I Need to Get Back in Shape

I cannot tell you how many times I hear people say, “I need to get back in shape.” They become redundant in complaining about how much they would like to have that “beach-body,” but continue to practice the same unhealthy habits. Whatever your story is, whether you just gave birth or have been a victim of working in Corporate America without being active, you can get back in shape. The only way to get back into shape is by taking action.

Taking action is what a lot of people have problem doing; it’s not because they don’t want to change, it’s because they have been programmed to procrastinate and practice those bad habits that need to be broken. Before I got into fitness, I was eating out every single day at either a fast food restaurant or an actual restaurant. I was probably spending roughly $400 a month eating out which is quite expensive for just one person.

I had to break a habit that I started about five years ago in eating unhealthy and exercising. Remember, if you want that “beach-body,” the magic formula is 20% exercising and 80% nutrition. It is absolutely ludicrous to workout extremely hard, but then go to McDonald’s and order a double cheeseburger with a diet coke. I can help you get back into shape, however I need you to take action! Follow the following steps.

  1. Contact me regarding your goals – I will help you figure out what program you need to get on.
  2. Purchase the program and equipment – Part of taking action is making sure you invest in yourself, you need to get on a program that you will stick to and need the proper equipment to make sure your results are maximized.
  3. Contact me to develop nutrition plan – Like I said before, nutrition is 80% of the formula for that “beach-body” we all want; together, we will create a nutrition plan that is personalized to fit you, your lifestyle, and your goals.
  4. Stick to the program – I understand some people are motivated only for a few days and then quit because bad habits are hard to break. I am going to make sure I constantly contact you on a weekly basis to make sure you continue to stay motivated.

These simple four steps will lead you towards a journey to being back in shape. You may see yourself initially investing $350 between the right program and equipment, but remember, you will be investing in yourself. When I worked at a pharmacy, I saw people spending $700 a month (with insurance) on prescription drugs. We are all bound to die one day, however, I want to make sure that if I live to 70 years old, I can enjoy myself by doing outdoor activities and not have to worry about taking 20 prescriptions a day and going to dialysis everyday. You will find out that investing in yourself by becoming healthy will increase your quality of life and will allow you to enjoy the great things life has to offer.

Contact me today to begin transforming your life and leading you to a healthy and better you! All the support I will be giving you is absolutely FREE! contact@ineedtobehealthy.com